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Song of the Day #2097

Song of the Day: The Awful Truth (“My Dreams Are Gone with the Wind”), music by Ben Oakland, lyrics by Milton Drake, is from this 1937 screwball comedy. The film, based on a 1922 play by Arthur Richman, earned Leo McCarey a Best Director Oscar—though in his acceptance speech, McCarey said: “Thanks, but you gave it to me for the wrong picture”, a reference to his poignant 1937 film “Make Way for Tomorrow“. However, this film, starring Cary Grant, Irene Dunne, and a young Ralph Bellamy (nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar), is a hoot. The film also stars Skippy the Dog as Mr. Smith—also known for his appearances as the dog Asta in “The Thin Man” (1934) and as George, the dinosaur-bone-burying dog, in “Bringing Up Baby” (1938). The scenes in which this song is performed are hilarious. The song uses the phrase “Gone with the Wind“, a playful reference to the 1936 book two years before that novel was adapted for the screen. The combined scenes in which Joyce Compton and Irene Dunne deliver the windblown lyrics were heavily improvised [YouTube link].