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Song of the Day #2075

Song of the Day: My Time to Fly [YouTube link], composed by NJ-native Harriet Goldberg and featuring saxophonist Billy Novick, is probably one of the most heard pieces of music in the world. Have you ever been put on hold? And this jazzy musical ditty gets looped OVER AND OVER again? Having been on hold for over an hour today, I thought I’d feature this song. When I first heard it some time ago, I thought to myself: “That’s got a nice feel to it.” But like any piece of music that one might listen to, eventually, if played incessantly for a very long time, one’s nerves start to fray, and that’s why it’s the Song of the Day! This bouncy tune was recorded in 2011 and has been adopted by legions of companies as the Music to Hold By. Now you know why Goldberg has been dubbed the Queen of Hold Music.

And if you’d like to see my “Motion Photography” while on hold with the NY Times today, see Facebook!