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Song of the Day #2065

Song of the Day: Breaking Bad (“Crapa Pelada” aka “Testa Pelata”), based on an old Italian nursery rhyme, features the music of Gorni Kramer and the lyrics of Tata Giacobetti. The original 1936 recording (translated as “Bald Head“—a perfect metaphor for the character Walter White, portrayed by the brilliant Bryan Cranston) was performed by Italian jazz singer Alberto Rabagliati. But it’s a 1945 version by the Italian jazz quartet Quartetto Cetra along with which Gale Boetticher (played by David Costabile) sings in the Season 3 finale (“Full Measure”) of the terrific AMC series, “Breaking Bad“, which aired on June 13, 2010. When I posted my January 2023 tribute in music to the Breaking Bad franchise, I saved two selections (today’s and one next month) for this “TV Edition” of the Summer Music Festival, which includes TV themes and source music. I promised Roderick Tracy Long I’d highlight this song (and another) someday, and that day has come! Check out Gale’s impeccable sing-a-long from the show, the full Quartetto Cetra recording, and the original 1936 Alberto Rabagliati recording [YouTube links]. And look out for “Breaking Bad 2“!