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Play Ball!

… oh how I’ve been waiting to say that! And it’s not even an April Fools’ Day joke! And they’ll actually be a few fans in the stands!

The New York Yankees’ Opening Day will start out a little damp this afternoon; the Mets open on the road with the Nationals tonight. As a New Yorker, I’m ecumenical enough to hope that both teams give us something to cheer about. Of course, if both teams are blessed enough to make it to a Subway Series—all bets are off, and the Yankee fan in me will be on full display.

Here’s hoping for a safe, healthy, and exciting baseball season—with the return of the 162-game schedule and a grand postseason!

Postscript: Well that sucked. The Yanks lost and the Mets have been postponed because the Nationals are leading the league in COVID outbreaks! Sheesh…