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Song of the Day #1945

Song of the Day: Georgy Porgy, words and music by David Paich, appeared on the 1978 self-titled debut album of the band Toto. Having just heard this song during Episode 5, Season 6 (“Black and Blue“) of the fabulous “Better Call Saul,” I was reminded of how much I loved its groove, especially with those backing vocals by R&B singer, Cheryl Lynn. Check out the original version (below), the “Disco Purrfection” version, and a rendition by Eric Benet with Faith Evans [YouTube links].

Song of the Day #1944

Song of the Day: Eye in the Sky, words and music by Alan Parsons and Eric Wolfson, was the most successful release by the rock band The Alan Parsons Project. The title track to their 1982 album has become a staple on rock and soft rock stations, and in its album version, it is preceded by an instrumental piece entitled “Sirius“, included here [YouTube link].

Song of the Day #1943

Song of the Day: Levitating features the words and music of many writers, including Dua Lipa, who took the honors for this track, which was the #1 Billboard Hot 100 Single of 2021. What makes this feat so remarkable is that the song peaked only at #2 in its chart run. But it placed in the Top 40 for all 52 weeks of the chart year, including 41 weeks in the Top 10, a record for any song by a woman in the history of the Hot 100. It’s only the third song in the chart’s history to take #1 honors for the year since the chart originated, without ever having hit the Top of the Charts (the other two: Faith Hill‘s “Breathe” in 2000 and Lifehouse‘s “Hanging by a Moment” in 2001). From Dua Lipa‘s second studio album, “Future Nostalgia“, the song’s electro-disco beat and infectious melody lent itself to multiple remixes. Check out the original video, the video remix with rapper DaBaby (below), and the Blessed Madonna remix, featuring Madonna and Missy Elliot [YouTube links].

Song of the Day #1942

Song of the Day: Be Faithful is credited to many writers, but it depends heavily on samples from, among other tracks, “Love Like This” by Faith Evans and, obviously, “Chic Cheer” by the Edwards-Rodgers team, which started this 3-song arc. It was released by American rapper Fatman Scoop in 1999 and re-released in 2003 to international success. The song was also featured in the 2001 film, “Save the Last Dance.” If you can handle the explicit lyrics, check out the evolution of a sample here [YouTube link].

Song of the Day #1941

Song of the Day: Love Like This is credited to a host of writers, including Sean “Puffy” Combs, Ron “Amen-Ra” Lawrence, and Faith Evans, though the Edwards-RodgersChic Cheer” sample looms large. With its soulful retro R&B/dance feel, this was the biggest hit of Evans’s career. Check out the official video [YouTube link]. Tomorrow, the original sample is taken to a whole other hip hop level!

Song of the Day #1940

Song of the Day: Chic Cheer, words and music by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, was the lead-off track to the 1978 album, “C’est Chic,” which was the second studio album for the R&B/disco band, Chic. This song, with its infectious bass line, provides us with a foundation for the next two songs of the day—a lesson in the art of sampling, since this song has been sampled quite a few times over the years. Check it out here [YouTube link].

Song of the Day #1939

Song of the Day: About Damn Time is credited to a host of writers, including Melissa Viviane Jefferson—aka as Lizzo, who released this song last month as the lead single to her 2022 album, “Special“. Check out the official video [YouTube link] and the multi-talented artist’s April 16th performance on “Saturday Night Live,” here she was both the host and musical guest. I just really like this song’s Old School groove and that flute! [Postscript: This Grammy Record of the Year also has a Grammy-winning Purple Disco Machine Mix (YouTube link).]

Song of the Day #1938

Song of the Day: Oye Como Va, by Tito Puente, was first released in 1962 by the composer, but became a worldwide hit for Santana in 1971. The Mexican-American guitarist, Carlos Santana, led this song straight into the Latin Grammy Hall of Fame in 2001 and the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2002. Check out the original Tito Puente version and the Santana hit [YouTube links]. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Song of the Day #1937

Song of the Day: 16/16 [YouTube link], composed by David Grisman, is featured on the 1978 album “Hot Dawg“, with a stellar line-up of musicians, including Grisman on lead mandolin, Mike Marshall on rhythm mandolin, Tony Rice on guitar, Eddie Gomez on bass, and Stephane Grappelli on violin. Lilting, melodic, and just sweet …

Song of the Day #1936

Song of the Day: I May Be Wrong (But I Think You’re Wonderful), music by Henry Sullivan, lyrics by Harry Ruskin, was first heard in the 1929 Broadway revue, “Murray Anderson’s Almanac“. It was sung by Doris Day in the 1950 film “Young Man with a Horn“, directed by Michael Curtiz, and starring Kirk Douglas. Loosely based on the life of jazz cornetist Bix Beiderbecke, the film has a wonderful soundtrack. Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Doris Day, who had a terrific run as a star of film, TV, and song. Check out the track that features the great trumpeter Harry James on YouTube.