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Song of the Day #1899

Song of the Day: New Year’s Day, words and lyrics by Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kevin Olusola, Martin Johnson, and Sam Hollander, is performed by Pentatonix. As the lyrics declare, when the Apple Falls in Time, we embrace the moments to come, our friends forever by our side … it’s time to celebrate like it’s New Year’s Day. Check out the studio version and a live performance [YouTube links]. A Very Happy and Healthy New Year to All!

Oh c’mon, that pic is so scary, it’s funny! 🙂

Betty White, RIP

Betty White was just about to celebrate her 100th birthday and was inviting everyone along for the ride. Sadly, she passed away today at the age of 99. She leaves behind a lot of warmth—and a ton of laughs!

Betty White (1922-2021)

OED: “Crappo”

Okay, okay, I count my blessings that I and my loved ones are here … but this was still funny. 🙂

Pearls Before Swine (Stephan Pastis, New York Daily News)

A Cat’s Life

After putting up a hilarious graphic depicting “A Dog’s Life”, the cats are demanding equal time. Well, H/T to my friend, Kevin Carson.

A Cat at Christmas

Santa Stops By The Big Apple …

… though if you ask me, it’s a little early for “the city that never sleeps,” but hey, we’re traditionalists. We don’t open up presents until Christmas morning! (Okay, maybe one after midnight! 😉 )

Bring on Valentine’s Day?

LOL … ain’t it the truth!

Song of the Day #1895

Song of the Day: Salsoul Christmas Medley, produced, arranged, and conducted by Vincent Montana, Jr., is from the 1976 album, “Christmas Jollies,” by the Salsoul Orchestra. The album actually hit the Top 40 on the R&B chart. It’s a fun disco journey through carols and songs of the holiday season. And if you cringe over this … that’s part of the fun! Anyway, at 10:59 am (ET) today, it’s the Winter Solstice … which means, in the Northern Hemisphere, we begin our march toward the light! And only a few more days till Santa takes flight!