GoFundMe for Roderick Long

On Facebook, I posted a GoFundMe link for my dear friend Roderick Tracy Long on Facebook. Folks can visit that GFM link here. Sadly, someone attacked Roderick’s character on my thread and another. In response to that, I wrote the following:

I posted this yesterday evening without commenting. In the light of comments that were made on this thread (and subsequently deleted by me) and on another thread as well, I would like to say something about Roderick Tracy Long.

I have known Roderick on both a personal and professional level for more than 25 years. I posted this GoFundMe plea out of compassion for a dear friend. He is among the gentlest human beings I have ever met. Throughout his life, he’s also had his share of problems.

That somebody would use this plea as an opportunity to engage in an outlandish, disgraceful attack on this man’s character is something that hadn’t occurred to me. I would like to apologize to anyone who saw the comments or who replied to them. The person who made the comments attacking Roderick has been unfriended. The comments have been deleted.

Let it be known: Roderick is a man of integrity. He has remarkable intelligence, a hilarious sense of humor, and a kind heart. You may disagree with him on any number of subjects—I do. But on an ideological level, he has been a stalwart defender of human freedom and personal flourishing.

I will not allow this page to be desecrated by comments that disparage my friend. Not here. Not ever.

Roderick needs help; please donate if you can. I love him lots.

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