Congrats to the Texas Rangers

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers on their first World Series win in their 63-year history. I know that the MLB postseason gets pretty drawn out nowadays, but this team was tied with the Houston Astros for the American League Central Division lead, with 90 wins, at the end of the 2023 season. As is the case in most postseason play, it’s not necessarily the team that had the best record in the league that gets the ring. It’s the hottest team. And the Rangers were hot!

Relegated to Wild Card status, they swept the Tampa Bay Rays in two games in the first round, swept the Baltimore Orioles in three games, took the Astros down in 7 games, and went on to beat the Arizona Diamondbacks in the World Series in 5 games.

They set multiple postseason records, including an astounding road record of 11-0. Kudos to manager Bruce Bochy for his fourth World Series title (three previously with the San Francisco Giants) and to World Series MVP, Corey Seager, who joins Reggie Jackson for having earned that title twice, with two different teams.

Even this Yankees fan was rooting for them the moment they took the field in the postseason. Bravo!

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