Grateful Dead Bread

November 1-2 is traditionally celebrated as the “Day of the Dead“. This is not in commemoration of George Romero’s 1985 film of the same name (part of his “Night of the Living Dead” series). Rather, it’s a Mexican holiday—el Día de Muertos or el Día de los Muertos—a joyful celebration of life, not death, in which friends and family members pay their warmest respects to the memories of those who have departed.

I’m not Mexican, but I look forward to this holiday in our neighborhood every year because a local Mexican-owned restaurant, Zeppole Pizzeria—yes, yes, my Mexican neighbors make a nice pizza—features Pan de muerto throughout the week. It is made from a sweet bread recipe. I must have stopped by that establishment a half-dozen times over the last few weeks to inquire when these were going to be on the menu. And I was very grateful to purchase them when they emerged hot from the oven. A wonderful holiday—and a delicious treat!

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