JARS Holiday Shopping!

Now that the thrills and chills of Halloween are behind us, the holiday season is in full bloom (though I’ve been seeing holiday decorations in the stores since before Labor Day!). For those who have not gotten a copy of the 2023 issue of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, this is just a reminder that you’re missing out on a terrific grand finale to the journal’s 2+ decade run.

With contributions from Pavel Solovyev, Anastasiya Vasilievna Grigorovskaya, Robert F. Mulligan, David Tyson, Marsha Familaro Enright, Roger E. Bissell, Cory Massimino, Douglas B. Rasmussen & Douglas Den Uyl, David Beito, Raymond Raad, Aaron Weinacht, Luca Moratal Roméu, and Roderick T. Long, the issue includes essays on topics of historical, archival, epistemological, methodological, ethical, political, and literary importance.

You can still access the issue online or as a hard copy by following this link.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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