Song of the Day #2066

Song of the Day: The Price is Right (“Main Theme”) [YouTube link], composed by Edd Kalehoff, opened this show, which debuted in 1972 on CBS. The show was a reboot of a 1956 game show, hosted by Bill Cullen, which was first shown on NBC and then, ABC. This incarnation has aired over 9,000 episodes. Its long-running catchphrase, “Come on down!“, is part of the American vernacular. It was hosted until 2007 by Bob Barker, before being helmed by Drew Carey. I remember Barker when he hosted “Truth or Consequences” but he’d go on to host this show for 35 years. Today, Barker died at the age of 99. He’ll be long remembered not just as a legendary game show host, but for throwing punches with Adam Sandler in “Happy Gilmore” (1996) [YouTube link]. Check out one of Bob’s entrances on “The Price is Right” [YouTube link]. RIP, Bob Barker.

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