The Eighth Annual Summer Music Festival (TV Edition) / Song of the Day #2045

Song of the Day: The Jeffersons (“Movin’ on Up”), co-written by Ja’Net Dubois and Jeff Barry, opens this show, which was the second “All in the Family” spinoff (after “Maude“), developed by Norman Lear. “The Jeffersons” ran for 11 seasons (1975-1985). In its run, this show received 14 Emmy Award nominations (with 2 wins).This September marks the 75th Annual Emmy Awards, which honors excellence in artistic and technical achievements in television. With over 2000 “Song of the Day” entries since that list began in 2004, I’ve already featured quite a few TV themes. As the Summer Solstice arrives today (10:58 AM, EDT), I begin my Eighth Annual Summer Music Festival (TV Edition) as a tribute to that Emmy milestone. I will be regularly highlighting television themes or source music featured in TV shows throughout the summer. We all have our favorite TV themes. This one was rated by Rolling Stone as the All-Time #1 in that department! Check it out [YouTube link].

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