Song of the Day #2029

Song of the Day: Ben-Hur (“London Festival Orchestra Soundtrack Suite”) [YouTube link] is yet another suite that has been orchestrated in celebration of the great Oscar-winning Miklos Rozsa score to the epic 1959 film version of the Lew Wallace novel. Starring the “Best Actor“-winning Charlton Heston in the title role, the film won 11 Oscars, a record tied but never beaten. It remains my all-time favorite, and it’s a Film Music February Festival ritual to post something from its soundtrack on this date every year. It’s my birthday after all—and yes, this film will always be older than me, since it was released almost three months to the day before I was born.

Postscript: On Facebook, well over 150 people posted well wishes on my Birthday Timeline, and I posted this in response:

I wanted to express my very deepest appreciation to everybody who posted on my ‘birthday’ timeline, or who reached out to me with a note, a text, an email, a phone call. Though I’ve read every greeting, it would have been too difficult for me to respond individually to each person who posted.

Suffice it to say … as most folks know … this has been a transitional period in my life on so many levels. Despite the enormous difficulties I have faced, I count my blessings for all the love & support I’ve received from so many caring people.

That’s why I’ve been reacting with all those ❤s today. Thank you so very much.

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