Song of the Day #1978

Song of the Day: Why Try To Change Me Now?, music and lyrics by Cy Coleman and Joseph A. McCarthy, was recorded by Frank Sinatra for his 1959 Gordon Jenkins-arranged and conducted album, “No One Cares“. The song was featured in Season 5, Episode 15 (“My Way”) of “The Good Doctor“, which first aired on April 18, 2022—a poignant story about Joan, an elderly if stubborn educator with an iron lung who is inspired to change her outlook on surgery when she hears a series of testimonials from her former students, whose lives have been changed for the better because of her. In the light of the recent passing of my sister, it’s an episode that resonated with me—as did this track. On this date in 1915, Ol’ Blue Eyes was born. This song is among the 1200+ songs he recorded in his lifetime (not counting multiple recordings of the same song). Check it out here [YouTube link].

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