Song of the Day #1906

Song of the Day: Godzilla (“Soundtrack Suite”) [YouTube link], composed by Akira Ifukube, derives from the original 1954 Japanese film, “Gojira,” which was re-edited for US release in 1956 as “Godzilla, King of the Monsters!“, with the addition of actor Raymond Burr. In case you didn’t notice, “Godzilla” begins with a “G” and so does “Groundhog“. What better way to celebrate Groundhog Day than with a tribute to a critter a tad bit larger but just as prolific in contemporary culture (by cinematic comparison, however, Godzilla has more than 30 films to his starring credit, whereas the Groundhog appears in the titles of only a handful of films). Hoping for an early Spring after a Nor’easter Bomb Cyclone!

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