C4SS: “Lockdowns, Libertarians, and Liberation” (Reboot)

An edited version of the twenty-first installment in my Coronavirus series (“Lockdowns, Libertarians, and Liberation“), which originally appeared on Notablog on 5 May 2020, has been published today by the Center for a Stateless Society (see here). Another installment in that series will be republished by C4SS in about a week. A H/T to my friend Eric Fleischmann for proposing these reboots!

No, this doesn’t constitute the 37th installment in my series; that will be posted on the anniversary of the first entry in the series (14 March 2020)—a planned index to all 37 installments in the series, and one that is in keeping with my friend Thomas L. Knapp‘s “Prime Number Obsession” (that “all sets should consist of a prime number of items”). Stay tuned …

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