Ten Creepy! Scary! Shocking! LOL! Horror Film Moments: “Poltergeist” (VI)

The sixth installment in my “cinematic moments” series, “Ten Creepy! Scary! Shocking! LOL! Horror Film Moments”, comes from the original 1982 supernatural horror film, “Poltergeist.” The film has its share of very spine-tingling, shocking moments. But let me make one thing perfectly clear. I. Do. Not. Like. Clowns. Everything from Pennywise to Bozo Creeps Me the Freak Out! Would you buy a cereal with this face on the box? It’s traumatizing! I don’t like creepy puppets or dolls either. So animated puppet-like clown dolls are enough to send me to the lobby! (Okay, I don’t like Spiders either, but that’s another story!) Check out this scene from one of the best ghost movies ever made!

*Ed: Wow! How mysterious! The film is on TCM Right Now (started at 8 pm ET)

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