Ten Creepy! Scary! Shocking! LOL! Horror Film Moments: “The Shining” (III)

The third installment in my “cinematic moments” series, “Ten Creepy! Scary! Shocking! LOL! Horror Film Moments”, is from the Stanley Kubrick-directed 1980 film, “The Shining,” an adaptation of the Stephen King novel that the author reportedly despised, even though he acknowledged that it was a valuable contribution to the horror genre. Lots of creepy and hilarious moments in this film, but the one that stands out is Jack Nicholson’s Bathroom Entrance Via Axe! “Here’s Johnny”—ranked as one of the 100 Most Quotable Quotes in Film History by AFI—may have broken the tension in the theater, but only through the audience screams! The night that my mother and sister saw this film, some jokester in the theater broke the balcony glass to gain access to an acutal axe—and proceeded to use it against the exit door to match the action on screen. Folks were as jarred by the events in the theater as they were by Jack’s Ax-tual Adventures! Check it out!

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