Song of the Day #1884 (and Happy Birthday to My Sister!)

Song of the Day: The “S.O.S. III” SOLAR Disconet Medley [YouTube link], mixed by Robert F. Gregory, Fernando Fernandez, and Jose Crep Nunez, features the soulful “Sound of Los Angeles” (from which the SOLAR record label created its acronym). This medley offers some of the best R&B dance music of its era from such groups as Shalamar, Dynasty, The Whispers, Lakeside, and Midnight Star. I digitized this one from my own vinyl copy and posted it on YouTube, uploaded for the sole purpose of entertainment with no copyright infringement intended. The featured songs are among some of my—and my sister’s—all-time favorites … and it’s in her honor that I post this medley today. A happy and a healthy birthday to My Sister, My Friend—and many more to come! Despite some health setbacks this past year, my sister (“Ms. Ski” to all her former students!) still has that fascinating rhythm, and she’ll be back on that dancefloor in no time! (And another Tip o’ the Hat to our dear Ryan Neugebauer for his YouTube Tech Tips in getting this medley up!)

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