Song of the Day #1876

Song of the Day: 1982 Disconet Top Tune Medley [YouTube link], mixed by Casey Jones, is another one of my all-time favorite Disconet dance medleys. This is just a superb knitting together of dancefloor staples such as “Love Come Down“, “I Specialize in Love“, “Keep On“, “Planet Rock“, “Play at Your Own Risk“, “Megatron Man“, “Love is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)“, “Let it Whip“, “Do Ya Wanna Funk“, “Come and Get Your Love“, “Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight“, “Gloria“, “It’s Raining Men“, and “Mickey“. The medley incorporates R&B, hip hop, Hi-NRG, electro-pop, and the alternative sounds of the era. I digitized this lively medley from the original vinyl, uploaded for the sole purpose of entertainment with no copyright infringement intended. (And another H/T to Ryan Neugebauer for his YouTube Tech Tips!)

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