Yay, Mayor Bill De Blasio!

Today, in trying to explain the new system of “Ranked Choice Voting” for the upcoming Democratic Party Primary, he used the example of ranking his favorite toppings on a NYC pizza. Personally, I’m a traditionalist with pizza: Mozzarella, a little grated cheese, and a delicious sauce, with the crust baked to perfection!

But Bill has his own rankings of toppings: (1) Green peppers; (2) Olives; (3) Sausage; (4) Mushrooms; (5) Pepperoni.

He then proceeded to violently X-out PINEAPPLE. And he stated, in grand NY style: “Let me tell you what never, ever, ever should be voted for! This is ridiculous, okay! Pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza — we’re not in California. Okay? … This is sacrilegious in Italy to put pineapple on a pizza, so I’m just, totally, no way, never going to rank that!”

It’s sacrilegious in NYC too! Two Thumbs Up, Bill! Check out his spirited slap at pineapple at 14:20 or so here.

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