Song of the Day #1864

Song of the Day: I Could Fall in Love, words and music by Keith Thomas, was a promotional single off of Selena‘s fifth and final studio album, released posthumously, “Dreaming of You,” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 Album chart. Tragically shot and killed at the young age of 23, the Grammy-winning singer was dubbed the “Queen of Tejano Music.” This song is played over the final credits to the very last episode of the recent two-season Netflix series on the singer’s life, giving it a special poignancy. In episode 7 of the second season, her brother, “AB” Quintanilla, sees that his sister is having difficulty putting some things together as her career is blazing forward. He tells her: “Sel, you’re very organic. Everything in you is connected to everything else. That’s who you are. Not just pieces. It’s a whole life. All at once. You’ll figure it out.” A little dialectical insight in a Netflix series! Who knew? In any event, since I finished streaming this wonderful series, I decided to highlight this as today’s Song of the Day. Check it out here [YouTube link].

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